Experience the Fantasy Premier League to a whole new level

About us

Founded in August of 2011, FPL Nepal is trusted community for people to get participants and take on against each other with twisting game modes based on world popular game “Fantasy Premier League”. Fantasy Premier League gained its popularity in Nepal due to massive fan following of English Premier League. Currently on 9th Season, FPL Nepal started with just few members. But the community has been growing since with many positive feedbacks and supports. Everything is based on Official Fantasy Premier League. Users registered their account on the FPL Official site, set their team and try to achieve as much as points in order to stay up the table. FPL Nepal takes those points from Official Fantasy Premier League and creates its own game modes with better structure and rewards . Fpl Nepal just innovates the experience of playing Fantasy Premier League to a whole new different level.

League | Game Modes


Season 11 consists of different game modes. Other game modes are Elimination league, Squad battle, COOP Cup, Weekly Winner, Dominator, Monthly Winner ,brace ,hattrick. Once you get register for Season 11, then you are eligible for all these game modes.

fpl nepal season 11

Ultimate League

Ultimate League have no game modes like Season 11. It only have Weekly Winner, Monthly Winner and Overall Winner. But the rewards pays you way higher than any game mode present in Season 11. Brace and Hattrick mode has been added in ultimate league too from this seaon.

THE 100

“THE 100” is new league introduced this season (2021/2022).This league max participant is only 100. Like ultimate league, it doesnt have any game mode like Season 11. It follows the Pure Official FPL format where there will be only one classic league winner .  There is also Weekly winner and Monthly Winner.

The 100

About Registration

For the registration process enquire with admins over facebook or instagram. 

Registration for all league closes before the Official FPL kicks off. 

Registration for next season always starts in current season Gameweek 35 onwards and closes within a months. 

For Ultimate League registration, it depends upon the total number of participants . So for the registration please enquire with the admins.