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How Do I get register?

There are different phases for registration for new season beginning with S11, it begins on Gameweek 36 of current season. As s11 is most popular than Ultimate, it gets full and we have to close the registration within a month or so . After S11 it is followed by Ultimate . 

I joined the league now whats next?

Wait until the OfficialFPL begins, until then you can play with your squad as there are unlimited transfers. Once the season kicks off, all you have to bring is better gameweek score in order to increase the chance of winning.

I paid but I didnt get any code?

There are chances the messages sent by admin ends of at “message request” section in Facebook. Make sure to contact ADMIN asap if you still didnt get the code in “message request” section.

How Do I know if I have won any game mode /rewards ?

We will post each and every winner ( gameweek winner, monthly winner , overall winner) in facebook group as soon as gameweek ends. SO make sure to join our FB group and stay active on the group. Here is the link to join our group.

I changed my team name on FPL, should I inform?

We track and keep all the registered members unique ID , hence you dont have to inform us if you change your team name or squad name. But if you change your account, it is important to inform us ASAP.

What happens If OfficialFPL is cancelled or postponed?

Yes, we have faced this issue last season during covid-19. In such case, all the members registration fee will be on hold until resume of FPL like last season or for new season.

What happens if I am inactive in FPL?

We dont encourage managers to get inactive especially when you have paid a fee to play, but there might be some circumstances like personal reason or any such case, we dont take any action and let it go inactive.

Can I replace new account with my current account in mid season?

We dont allow any managers to rejoin in mid season with any of the account , either old or new.

How do you choose Monthly Winner?

Every months there are about 4-5 gw or may be more or less gw as per schedule. The manager with most total GW points will be decided as a winner. Eg: in the month of August , there are 3 GW. So the total will be calculated as Gw 1 + Gw 2 + GW 3 . Whoever have the most points will be manager of the month.

How does COOP Cup work?

COOP Cup is improved version of FPL NEPAL CUP. Only this time, instead of solo manager, there will be two players playing together. Manager can pick their friend or anyone willing to partner to lead the journey ahead. Its a knockout mode so one loss is straight knockout. Make sure to choose your partner carefully 😉 . Eg: GW score Manager 1 + Manager 2 will be the total score.

How is squadbatte calculated ?

As this season there are 5 members in one squad. Each members` score is calculated . For Eg: Squad Name “Nepal Team” have these members Member A, Member B, MemberC, MemberD, MemberE. Every Gameweek , each members` GW score will be added ( memberA+ memberB + memberC + memberD + memberE = TOTAL ) . Hence it is important to have coordination among the member of the squad.

What is Dominator ?

This is introduced this season . This is for S11 managers only. Managers who can bring highest GW score in a month will be the dominator of the month and is rewared. For Eg: If you bring 129 GW score, and within a month no one manages to beat that score, you will be the dominator of the month. Every new month, dominator score resets.

What happens in case of tie?

Unlike previous season, if there are any ties in gameweek or monthly winner, we will be following OfficialFPL rules which are 

  • Most goals scored in the Gameweek
  • Fewest goals conceded in the Gameweek
  • Virtual coin toss

What is FPL Nepal Webapp?

We introduced FPL Nepal webapp, last year (2020) to provide our managers with live league standings, live tables,transfers stats, GW winners, monthly winners and other such tools fetched straightly from Official FPL website that gets updates automatically.  Here is the link to webapp

Where can I view all gameweek winner or monthly winner?

You can check the GW winner or monthly winner on our webapp.

I forgot to take the rewards , can I redeem later?

Yes, you can redeem your reward anytime you want as it will be safe with us. You can also use your reward for next season registration. You can redeem your rewards in form of esewa, khalti, ntc/ncell balance, cash . ( Fees might be applied according to transaction company)