FPL Nepal Game Modes Guide

This post contains all the stuff rerlated to FPL NEPAL game modes.


This game have two stages of its own which are
-Division Cup
-Division Super Cup

-Division Cup [Tables]

This is the knockout round within the division. Currently there are
8 divisions in FPL NEPAL “Season9”. So each players from each division
will face their opponents from same division. Since its knockout,
one lost means out from the this game mode.
Fixture are randomly generated by random.org .
At last there will be one winner from each Division.Yes, they will all be rewarded.

-Division Super Cup [Tables]
As learnt above, there will be 8 Division Champions , so those 8 champions
will battle against each other to be champion of champions. This mode will
only include those 8 winners from each division and will face off in KNOCKOUT style
game . One lost meaning you are out from the competition.
Fixtures will be generated randomly. There will be only one winner at last.

Squad Battle [Tables]

This is a team based game mode where all the 256 members are sub divided into 64 Squads
with 4 members in each squad. The key to success here are selection of team member, communication
and team work.
All the squads are divided into different groups where they battle against other squads and try not to
get disqualified. The squads will go through 3 different Group Stages where squad/s with fewer points
will get disqualified on every stage. The group stage will be followed by Knock Out round where the
winning squads will continue moving further until 1 squad will be declared as the ‘Squad Battle


I am Safe [Tables]

In this game mode, there are total of 7 stages,each stages have its own safe margin points. Players should stay exact or above the safe points in order to progress to next stage.


In stage beginner ( its from GW 2-10 ) , the safe points is 25. So inorder to progress further in competition, players shouldnt bring their Gameweek score below 25, or else they

will be out form the competition.


Elimination  [Tables]

Every Gameweek, the players with lowest gameweek score gets eliminated. Elimination have 4 stages. In every stages, the total number of players to be eliminated are determined.

Fpl Nepal Cup  [Tables]

This game mode is straight KNOCKOUT CUP among all the 256 players. They will be randomly drawn against each other . One win means progress to next round,

but one lose = out from the competition.