Details & Rules

Classic League

This is straight forward classic league of Fpl Nepal. All the paid 256 members will be on one league and whoever ends up with highest points will fetch some mouth watering rewards. There is a reward for top 10. 

Weekly Gameweek Winner

Every Gameweek, the manager with most points from their own will be rewarded. So there will be 8 Gameweek winner every gameweek. 

Elite of the Month

One of the new game month introduced this season. this is similar to manager of the month, but instead of total GW points from a month, the manager who can retain his/her highest GW score through out the month will be rewarded. For e.g:- If you get 87 pts in GW 1, and if no one beats that score until the end of the month, thta manager will win the Elite of the month. The score will get reset every month.  

Head to Head

This season, we have changed the whole plot of head to head. This season will have 8 divisions, with 32 members each. Each members playing against each other for that 3 vital points. There is a reward for 1st and 2nd position. 

Elimination League

Elimination league gained quite a popularity within last 1-2 years. Manager ending up with lowest score every gameweek will be eliminated and will be out of the competition forever. This season elimination will be toughest of all other previous season as there has been some changes on how many managers will be eliminated every gameweek. Final 5 will be rewarded.


  • Stage 1: GW 1-10      10 Managers 
  • Stage 2: GW 11-18    7 Managers
  • Stage 3: GW 19 to 37   5 Managers
  • Final : GW 38                4 Mangers

Divison Cup
Divison Super Cup

This is one of the new game mode introduce this season where there will be group/Knockout format of battle inside the division. 

Each members of all 8 div will play against each other in group/KO based format and each division will have one individual winner.

Then comes the part of Division Super Cup. 8 winners from each DIV will then clash to become champion of champions. 


Rules are simple on this game mode. First there will be Division Cup. Fixtures and standing will be updated every gameweek. Fixtures will be generated randomly. Every winner form each Div will be rewarded where they will again be placed for battle for Division Super Cup, and there will be only one winner. 

Squad Battle

First time in 9 years of FPL Nepal, manager will be able to form a team of 4 and head to compete for the title. This game mode solely purpose is to play with right teammates with unity and squad decision. If three of the mangers does well but other one does bad, it will affect the whole squad.  


Same as Division Cup, this is Group/Knockout format game modes. Before the start of the season, managers will be given a chance to form their teams of 4 members in each squad. Those managers who failed to form a team will be randomly allocated to other team members. Then fixtures and group table will be randomly generated.  All 4 members` GW score will be added for th ebattle against other squad. Eg:- Gw 1 Squad A vs Squad B 

Results Squad A 300 – 230 Squad B. Squad A wins and will get points. 

I Am Safe

This is another new game mode introduced this season and we are hopeful that this game mode will catch some popularity like elimination league. The main purpose of this game mode is to bring the GW score closest to safe margin points. All the margin points will be decided before the start of the season and it will be final. There are some stages of point margin , scaling form easy to hardest one. 

Safe Margins

Fixture| Lucky Draw Generator Info

For all the game modes, we will be using to randomly generate the fixture or to pick out the winners incase of multiple. Admins will take no part on allocating division as per manager`s choice or even admin`s choice. However there is an exception that only one admins are allowed on division.