Custom FPL mini games, and different game modes with attractive rewards


Classic League

Pure classic league, where all the managers will be challenging for the top spots.

H2H League

10 separate Divisions ( as of season 2021/2022) .Each division will have their own winners to claim the rewards.

Elimination League

Every gameweek, managers with lowest score will be eliminated. You get eliminated if you get the least score.

Squad Battle

Team up with your friends ( total member in a squad 5 ) and challenge for the glory.


Team up with your any one friend and fight for the last man standing in knockout COOP cup.


If any manager hold their highest gameweek for a month, they will be rewarded.

Gameweek Winner

Each Division will have gameweek winner each gameweek. It means 10 gameweek winner every gameweek.

Monthly Winner

Get the total highest gameweek score among all the division to be manager of the month and get rewarded.


If any manager manages to win gameweek 2 in row, they will be rewarded extra .


If any manager manages to win gameweek 3 in row, they will be rewarded extra .

Special Gameweek

There will be special gameweek in between the gameweek where rewards are doubled up .

Special Prediction

There will be special prediction for high tension games like derby and rivals match where rewards will be given to correct predictor.


fpl nepal season 11

In case of Tie


This season there will be no tie breaker like previous seasons. If there are multiple managers who have same highest gameweek score, then the winner will be decided by Official FPL rules . Which are :- 

In the event of a tie between teams, the team who has made the least amount of transfers will be positioned higher. Any transfers made using a wildcard or free hit will not count towards total transfers made.

Most goals scored in the Gameweek

Fewest goals conceded in the Gameweek

Virtual coin toss