Experience the Fantasy Premier League to a whole new level

THE 100

100 Managers.Only one Winner

What is "THE 100"?

Classic League

"THE 100" is new league introduced for season 2021/2022. It follows the simple and pure format of official FPL . There will be only 100 managers in one classic league, and only one winner at the end of the season.

Manager of the Month

As it follows the format of other league , it does have Manager of the month, and it have higher rewards in terms of manager of the month.

Gameweek Winner

"THE 100" also have gameweek winner like other S11 and Ultimate League.


The rewards for classic league is whopping Rs.50,000 Gameweek Winner is Rs.500 and Manager of the month is Rs.3000

Why "THE 100"?

"THE 100" is solely introduced for the manager in order to increase the chances of winning some rewards in a league. Other League like s11 and Ultimate have huge members , so it will be tough to challenge each week for the rewards. It doesnt have any extra game mode. The max participant is 100. So there will be more chance to win weekly, monthly or season top rewards considering the number of participants.
The 100