Registration for SEASON 2020/2021 is now LIVE

SEASON 2020/2021 Registration is now LIVE

How to Register?

For registration process. Send payments to any payment details mentioned on above poster and send screenshot to us via facebook messenger. 

After the confirmation, user will be sent out registration forms to ensure the completion of registration.


I only want to play one game mode, is it possible?

Yes, you can play only game mode either Season 1o or Ultimate. 


What are the game modes, and where are the rewards?

As usual, FPL NEPAL will post game modes and rewards only before the beginning of new season. You can look at current season 9 and current Ultimate rewards and game modes from here.

Season 9 Rewards

Ultimate Rewards

How can I confirm my registration?

As soon as you send us screenshot , we will send you form which confirms the registration You can also check your registration status from the following Link . (Note that it may take some time display the new record)

Check Your Registration 

What is s10 or Ultimate? Whats the difference?

s10 is basically Season 10 . 

It have an additional game modes like squad battle, elimination, division cup and much more with basic classic and head to head league. You can check our current season 9 game mode here. 

S10 have many game modes but have less reward compared to ultimate .

Ultimate league is opposite of Season 10  as it only have Classic, Weekly and monthly winner. But it have huge rewards. For current season ultimate league you can check here